The Facts

The position of the expedition has been recorded on a daily basis allowing precise mapping and statistics about the expedition!

Direct distance from the Hercules Inlet to the South Pole: 1,109km (689 miles)

Height gained from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole: 2835m (9300ft) (see graph)

Actual distance skies from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole: 1125km (705 miles)

Average Distance skied per day: 23.35km

Longest distance skied in a day: 33.81km (in 14 hours!)

Terrain: Uphill from the coast to the Antarctic Plateau with the possibility of crevasse fields and sastrugi, along with variations between wind-blasted snow, blue ice and soft snow. The reality was lots of sastrugi and white-outs (flat-light)!

Average temperature : ~  -25°C (which was warmer than expected, the warmest Christmas on Record at the Pole!)

Coldest recorded temperature at the Pole: -89.2C

Wind speed: up to 300 km/hr

Estimated length of expedition: 63 days (completed in 56/7 days, ahead of schedule!)

Estimated total cost: £48,000

Estimated pulk weight: 60-70kg

Current body weight: 68kg

Forecasted number of skiing hours a day during expedition: 8-10 (14-16 on the final two days of skiing!)

First expedition to reach the south pole: 14th December 1911 – Amundsen and a team of 4 other Norwegians took 57 days from the Bay of Whales

First British expedition to reach the south pole: 17th January 1912 – Scott and 4 companions, all die on the return journey

Antarctic area: 14 million km2 (5th largest continent)

I you’re interested in other facts and figures from the expedition just reply to this and we can fill you in on the details!


2 Responses to The Facts

  1. MB says:

    Why no mention of the team that will be accompanying you on this voyage? What is their role in this going to be?

    • Bryony Balen says:

      Hi MB, as of yet no team has been confirmed other than my guide, obviously I am hoping others will join the expedition, both for a real team experience as well as to lower the costs! As and when other expedition members, as well as the name of our guide, are confirmed, I’ll add the information to this site.

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