To fund this expedition I am seeking sponsorship, either for a specific requirement or as a general contribution. Sponsors will be acknowledged clearly on my expedition website, receive mentions in the regularly updated blog and be visible in photographic records of the expedition. In addition to this any media package, potentially distributed to student groups, national radio and newspapers, will also contain their details. I am also offering use of testimonials or photographs for advertising purposes as well as pre- and post-expedition newsletter updates, talks and presentations.

The links below allow sponsorship donations to cover the expedition cost.
Please give generously, all sponsorship is greatly appreciated
To donate to the supported charities please see the Charities page.

Below is an outline guide of the expedition expenses:

International flights
£2, 000


Return Antarctic flights
£31, 492

Guide expenses, equipment, supplies
£6, 299

Training and nutrition
Sponsored by Icke Fitness
£1, 800

Personal equipment and clothing
£1, 500

Communications including website
Sponsored by Gyron

Overheads (communications, administration, publicity)
£1, 700

Funded by Bryony
£5, 000

To cover the cost of this expedition I am also looking for commercial sponsors who are as passionate about this adventure as I am. For more information on sponsorship, how I can help your brand and promotional possibilities please feel free to contact me on info@southpoleadventure.com


Gyron have facilitated the setting up and running of this website and the associated comunications facilities for this expedition.

Icke Fitness

Icke Fitness have kindly offered to provide free personal training advice and gym membership.


Butler&Willow are a respected workspace design business based in Nottinghamshire and have generously joined the sponsorship team.

Personal Finance Planning

Personal Financial Planning Ltd are Independent Financial Advisors specialising in Personal Injury. Based in Cheshire they are the latest British company to support Bryony and the Expedition with a generous donation.

Zest Business Coaching

Zest Business Coaching LLP works with individuals and organisations to help them achieve their goals and so they have sponsored Bryony to help achieve the new British record.

Cotswold Outdoor

Cotswold Outdoor are an award-winning retailer of outdoor equipment. Not only have they offered invaluable advice based on the staff’s vast range of experience but they generously offered a discount on essential products to make this expedition a reality.

2 Responses to Sponsorship

  1. simon carter says:


    I heard you on BBC Newcastle. I head up the Scout Associations Media team. Can you contact me and we can talk about how we might be able to help you with media coverage in the run up to your event.


  2. chris icke says:

    hi Bryony, I love the website, to help support you with your training, it would be my pleasure to offer you free membership at my health club, when your back home in Melbourne. Plus free personal training whenever you want it! All the best to your family, and have a great Christmas. Chris Icke.

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