Safe and Sound

Hi everyone!

I must apologise for the delay in uploading photographs etc upon my return, I’ve had a few days being utterly spoilt and recovering at home (with lots of chocolate) whilst trying to mend our internet.

To make up for it we’ll try and upload photographs of the highlights from the trip, along with a description/explanation from me as well as adding more videos to the vimeo account, so keep checking back.

I’m very pleased to announce I am in one piece and feeling great, the worst after-effect of two months in Antarctica seems to be a set of quite stiff hands! I simply can’t thank Chris at Icke Fitness enough for all of his help in the training stages, I’m sure it was only his expert advice that has prevented me coming home a wreck (or having to abandon the expedition entirely).

The whole experience has been incredible, I’m afraid words cannot describe the beauty and hostility of the coldest, driest and highest continent on the planet. Fortunately the weather was incredibly kind to us and I enjoyed every day of the expedition. My thanks must go out to everyone who made this experience possible, from my major sponsors to individual donators.

Thank you all for following this amazing adventure and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. I’ll keep posting updates with new adventures as well as thoughts from this expedition (once my brain catches up with me from Antarctica!) and the charity donations page at Virgin Giving will stay live for the next 2 years to support my next fundraising efforts for Mountain Rescue and the Calvert Trust.

Many thanks for your support and interest,

Bryony x

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