Hi all,

It’s been a very busy couple of months up here in Newcastle so let me just highlight a few of the amazing things I’ve been a part of:

- Secret project with the Scouts at Gilwell Park, stay tuned for photos and information coming up soon

- I was honoured to be nominated for the Inspirational Women of the North East exhibition taking place at Hatton Gallery in November, the amazing Bryony Bainbridge and Roweena Russell and I could be spotted around the Forum area of Newcastle University a few weeks ago taking photos – visit their website, twitter or facebook for updates on the project to celebrate the women of Tyne and Wear

- Following a successful presentation to the Scout organisation in November, I was invited to the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers Apprentice Dinner as guest speaker, the evening was really enjoyable with a diverse set of questions to keep me on my toes. As a direct result of this event I will now be rowing in the Oxbridge Waterman’s Challenge before THE Oxbridge Boat Race

- The data collected during the Coast to Pole expedition is fully written up as my undergraduate dissertation ready for hand in, it truly is the end of an era (at least 2 years) and a major stepping stone to leaving University and planning the next project

- I was kindly invited along to the Northumbrian Mountaineering Club’s evening meeting to talk about the expedition and training, great to see people interested in the equipment used and the progression from Duke of Edinburgh Awards and Scouting through to mountaineering and Polar travel

- Next week I am back in my home town of Melbourne, Derbyshire to present the inaugural Dr Freeman Award for a person or organisation who has made a ‘significant contribution’ to the Parish of Melbourne

- In addition to all of the above, training will be picking up again from next week now that my University workload has decreased (slightly) and i’m looking at assessing the base level of fitness I have now maintained compared to my last training break several years ago

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather of 2013, clear blue skies and sunshine in Newcastle as I write this, time to get the walking boots out

Bryony x

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