Happy Birthday Bryony!

Hi everyone!

Today the team have enjoyed a well earned rest – on Bryony’s side of things this meant waking up at 8AM for a talk with the BBC Look North news team, before heading to bed until the afternoon! Despite feeling older, Bryony was very jolly on the phone, and would like to pass on a few messages.

Firstly, a massive thank you to Gyron for all their support and the supply of a satellite phone, without which Bryony wouldn’t be able to contact us letting us know everything is going well!

A big thanks from Bryony for all the Birthday messages, which have come from near and far (although everywhere is far from Antarctica!). She would like to thank all of the sponsors that made this dream a reality and for all the continued support she is receiving.

Lastly,  the expedition has raised a fantastic £500 so far for the charities Mountain Rescue England and Wales and the Calvert Trust, Bryony would like to extend a huge thank you to all those helping these great causes and for everyone to keep up the good work!

With Christmas around the corner, and a half rest day on Christmas day to look forward to, the team is ready and raring to go; planning on an early start to try and ski over 26km tomorrow! We’ll Continue to bring you regular updates of Bryony position and the goings on of the expedition, so keep your eyes peeled over the festive period! We should all take comfort in the fact that at least someone will be be getting a white Christmas!

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