Expedition Anniversary

Wow, a whole 12 months has passed already since that morning when Lisa, Bob and I finally trudged into the Scott-Amundsen camp site.¬†As I’m sure many have said before me, there is no place quite like Antarctica. Having been back in the UK for a full year I can’t wait to go back, despite the blisters and sunburn and windchap.

That 15 hours of skiing, mainly in a white-out, catching the occasional, tantalising glimpse of the South Pole base was the culmination of 2 months in Antarctica and 3 years of training and planning.

Not only was the expedition the trip of a life-time, but the experience has opened so many doors since my return. I have spoken to schools, businesses and friends, renewed my ties to the Scouting movement (who, as previously mentioned are entirely to blame for my record-breaking expedition) and been invited to take part in many exciting projects to inspire the next wave of adventure-seekers.

I have also been solemnly informed by a 9 year old that my record won’t stand for long.

I’m pleased to pass on that the rest of the team are doing well and pursuing various interesting trips (seemingly often involving beaches rather than sub-zero temperatures!) and I really couldn’t have wished for a better bunch of people to have put up with me for a whole 2 months.

If 4 years ago I was full of anticipation, 1 year ago I was full of elation, this year I am full of excitement for the future. With the end (nearly) in sight of my Geography degree, and the greatest adventure of the first 21 years of my life well and truly behind me, I refuse to accept that I have achieved and completed all my life’s challenges already. So let’s see what the next 12 months and 21 years holds.

BB x

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  1. Sam Bowyer says:

    Reading this post has inspired me a lot, to get more involved and pursue a more adventurous lifestyle than I am currently living. I’m really glad that the after-effect of the experience has been so positive and you’re getting the praise deserved for such a feat.

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