I am a 20 year old Geography Student at Newcastle University but hailing from Derbyshire originally.

This website is just one more step along a journey that began over 2 years ago as a simple joke amongst friends. Instead of letting the dream of reaching the South Pole die like so many other goals, I have instead decided to plough all my time, effort and funds into making this expedition a reality.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you will enjoy following my exploits.Bryony Balen and a local husky

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  1. simon carter says:


    I heard you on BBC Newcastle. I head up the Scout Associations Media team. Can you contact me and we can talk about how we might be able to help you with media coverage in the run up to your event.


  2. Sarah Cossom says:

    Hi Bryony,

    Good to see you’ve got some good exposure from the press release – it’s also on BBC Tyne’s website in case you missed it. And this random posting too!
    best wishes

  3. Richard Nicolle says:

    I will follow your efforts with interest. I remember where all this started, Scouts and DofE, and then you rapidly moved beyond our league with your exploits. Wishing you every success, Richard

  4. Marina Imamshah says:

    Hi bryony,

    I’m a student from NGHS I thought your presentation on the south pole was really fascinating and a real challenge. I think you are a really brave person and a good role model. I’m sure you will achieve your goal!

    Good Luck,

    Marina, Year 8

  5. HY says:

    I feel like I’m taking my own small challenges with you.

  6. Ron & Fi says:

    Watching east midlands BBC news in Spain and pleasantly surprised to see you on tv. Looks like a great adventure, we’ll be following your blog.
    Ron & Fi
    Talisman Activities, Cairngorm

  7. Sue Jones says:

    Hi Bryony, I met Rob at a Geography field trip with geography students this week. Your journey sounds epic and how great to follow a joke to such fantastic lengths. Inspiring stuff. I send you strength and luck in your endeavour. Just you show that foolish man who threw down the gauntlet. How great that he did.

  8. Alan James O'Reilly says:

    Hi Bryony

    I saw the reports about you on BBC Look North for the Northeast and Cumbria recently and thought that you might appreciate this account from the great Antarctic explorer of the past, Sir Ernest Shackleton. Our Mike, 2nd year Fine Arts student at the Royal Academy, did some study on Tom Crean, Shackleton’s crew member, some years ago. This is from the end of Chapter 10 of South! by Shackleton, Across South Georgia.

    “When I look back at those days I have no doubt that Providence guided us, not only across those snowfields, but across the storm-white sea that separated Elephant Island from our landing-place on South Georgia. I know that during that long and racking march of thirty-six hours over the unnamed mountains and glaciers of South Georgia it seemed to me often that we were four, not three. I said nothing to my companions on the point, but afterwards Worsley said to me, “Boss, I had a curious feeling on the march that there was another person with us.” Crean confessed to the same idea. One feels “the dearth of human words, the roughness of mortal speech” in trying to describe things intangible, but a record of our journeys would be incomplete without a reference to a subject very near to our hearts.”

    The same guidance of Providence is still with us. I trust that it will be with you.

    “Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go” Isaiah 48:17.

  9. Hi Bryony,

    Your journey sounds absolutely fantastic and truly inspiring. I run a series of events for the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber under the umbrella Enterprising Women and we would love to hear about your story when you are back. Contact me when you have recovered. Good luck with the rest of the trip, I will keep checking back to see how you are getting on.

  10. Bob Parker says:

    This is a cousin in Seattle and I am so impressed and excited for what you are doing. You have a great spirit of adventure. It makes me envious that I did not have the same spirit when I was your age. Keep up the inspiration.

    Bob Parker

  11. you know how you are travling to the south pole were do you wee and poo and is it very cold were you are now and is it very fun what you are doing or dont you like it. by the way im from st peters jonior school emial us please and we will send you one back ok so plaese send us a emial.

  12. mark day says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic acheivment, an inspiration to everyone, another (GREAT) briton x

  13. Rod Webster says:

    Bryony..On behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Derbyshire, many congratulations on your achievement. You are an inspiration to the young people of Derbyshire. Have you ever thought of doing your DofE gold award? the expedition section shouldn’t pose you much of a problem!
    If not, would you consider giving a short talk to award winners at our next presentation evening at County Hall, Matlock on 23 March if you are available?
    Your success would serve as a tremendous motivational factor to present and potential entrants.
    Once again, well done – you have shown what young people are capable of doing!
    Rod Webster
    Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
    Derbyshire County Council

  14. Peter Barham says:

    Dear Bryony,
    Our children’s group at St Mary’s in Ponteland is called “Penguins”, and we have been following your journey. For the last couple of Sundays we have been doing Captain Scott’s expedition – and last week tried some of the dried food for polar expeditions. Congratulations from all of us. Once you’re back in Newcastle, we’d love to invite you out to Ponteland.
    Best wishes, Peter and the Penguins

  15. Patricia says:

    What a great dream to follow. The pictures here are beautiful especially the one with you and the dog. Are there any updates or news? How has the journey treated you?

  16. edward beechinor says:


    Congratulations and well done.

    My daughter is learning about antartica in school and has been following your progress and is fascinated by your adventure. Any chance you could come and speak at her school?

    Thanks Mr Beechinor Collins

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