“Are we there yet?”

Hi everyone!

You’ll be able to see another report on Bryony’s expedition tomorrow morning on BBC Look North. You’ll even be able to hear Bryony in person! (Don’t forget to shout happy Birthday at the telly!) She should be on BBC One at 11am.

Everything is running smoothly with the expedition, with the team still enjoying eating like kings (hot lunches everyday!) though Bryony’s choices have been reduced to sweet and sour pork, or more sweet and sour pork. This wasn’t helped by the sad “loss” of the remaining chocolate raisins.

The team plans on having a rest day tomorrow to fix a few items (bindings/tents/jackets) and to try and recover from the cold completely, which is refusing to budge! Also gives Bryony a chance to enjoy a rest on her Birthday!

The team sighted the Thiel Hills Yesterday, “It was novel having something to look at, it’s been just white and blue the past 6 days!” This is the location of the teams second re-supply, just past 85′ South – Halfway! Another rest day is planned at the re-supply, and then it’s a straight run to the pole, trying to make up time (The guides have worked out that, even with the delays with losing a team member and other issues, they are only 24 hours behind schedule).

New maps are ready and on-line on the Tracking page, enjoy!

keep up the support everyone!

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2 Responses to “Are we there yet?”

  1. Mary Magson says:

    Happy Birthday Briony and we wish you well.

    Ticknall Luncheon Club is following your progress .

  2. Alison Henshaw says:

    Happy 21st Bryony. Thought of you at the Bay Tree last night. Keep going! fortuna fortibus favet! Dr H

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