Anniversary message from Helen (Bryony’s Mum)

Today is the first anniversary of Bryony Balen’s record-breaking achievement to become the youngest British woman to ski 713 miles from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

Paul and I (her parents!) are immensely proud of her – not only the fact that she managed to complete the expedition but also the way in which she conducted herself, raised large sums of money for The Calvert Trust and Mountain Rescue and, even though she has returned to her studies at Newcastle University, given many talks about her experiences, hoping to inspire others to live their dreams.

Well done Bryony!! And we think we’re hard-done-to with a few centimetres of snow and temperatures hovering around zero!

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One Response to Anniversary message from Helen (Bryony’s Mum)

  1. Peter Walters says:

    I think Bryony has shown what she is made of , True grit and Determination. She must have endured many hours of suffering we know nothing about, with nothing but snow as far as you can see in every direction. When I saw the photo of her feet I never thought she would make it but she never let anyone down.

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