1 Year On

So it’s hard to believe that one year ago today our team had just landed at the Hercules Inlet and completed our first day of skiing.

My feet are aching from the thought of that first 13km yet a very big part of me misses the experience, even though it feels like it happened to a different person.

In a way I suppose I am a very different person to the Bryony of 12 months ago, I’m over 2 stone lighter for a start! Having completed the 2 month challenge also changed me mentally and emotionally, I feel maturer and more confident in my own abilities and decision-making skills.

The flip-side of the coin is that I’m not settling into student mode too well, the experiences of 56 days trudging across the Antarctic coupled with employment in the ‘real world’ on my return have left me keen for the next stage in my life, exacerbated by seeing many of my university year-mates moving into either masters programs or work.

I suppose I’ll be patient for a little longer, assess the ways in which I have matured and changed from my experiences in Antarctica and put those lessons to good use for my next adventures…..

Bryony x


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