Scouting Magazine

As many of you may know, I often ‘blame’ the scouting organisation for my expedition to Antarctica and I am still a proud member of the movement.

Check out the wonderful article on my record-breaking journey in this month’s Scouting magazine here.

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Charity Fundraising

Just a quick update of progress for the Great North Run, coming up in less than 2 weeks.

Considering that I have never run for running’s own sake, only as part of training for some other discipline, this really is a great personal challenge for me.

As part of training for Newcastle University’s rowing team we ran 10km every Tuesday night, up until 2 weeks ago that distance was easily the furthest I’d ever managed to cover. I’m therefore delighted to announce that I’ve survived 12km now, over half the distance of the Great North Run in a time of 1 hour 15 mins, on track to be coming home in under 2 1/2 hours for the event itself.

Our amazing Calvert Trust running vests in purple and green have arrived and been road-tested (actually Newcastle Town Moor tested) and it’s safe to say the SouthPoleAdventure running duo are looking forward to the 16th of September.

If you’d like to support the Kielder Calvert Trust and our Great North Run effort please visit our VirginMoneyGiving page and sponsor what you can.

Many thanks,

Bryony x

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Post-Expedition Training

Well it’s certainly been a busy few weeks!

According to the scales I’m back up to (actually above!) my pre-expedition-preparation weight and feeling much better.

Training has started now on a slightly different challenge, Robert Carey and I are both taking part in the Great North Run to raise funds for The Calvert Trust Kielder and we’re in the process of setting up a sponsorship page so watch this space!

The Calvert Trust have been supported by the SouthPoleAdventure team for 6 months and we’re keen to keep the momentum going for donations to this fantastic cause.

Currently we’re comfortably running 6km and, with the weather forecast for Newcastle not being *too* torrential, we’re looking to push both the distances and our speed. The Great North Run is on the 16th September so we’ll be bringing you more training updates and information on how to sponsor us.

In addition to running again (the first exercise I’ve taken since returning to the UK) we also decided to test our endurance in anticipation of future challenges. This saw us on a roadtrip to the Yorkshire Dales last week and the hard slog that is the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

Determined to prove that I didn’t leave all my fitness in Antarctica, I was adamant we’d complete the challenge in 10 hours, rather than the required 12. Fortunately Robert (bored without Antarctic mapping to occupy him) was happy(ish) to humour me.


Despite an accidental 30minute lie in we set off up Pen-y-ghent in good spirits and straight into an orographic stratus! Despite low cloud, escapee sandwiches and nearly getting blown off the top of Whernside, we finished the 38.5km challenge aching but happy in 9hours 21minutes!

This was an interesting challenge, especially as it was a spur of the minute plan and we were both incredibly short on training, but it bodes well for future challenges (watch out for updates coming soon) that I appear fully recovered from Antarctica!

Many thanks for reading,

Bryony x


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Learning for life at Newcastle University

I am delighted to announce my recent participation in Newcastle University’s video presentation to Adidas. The film shows Newcastle University students, including myself, who are especially involved in sports alongside their studies. The finished video can be seen here and was played to Adidas last week in the hope of securing sporting support and graduate opportunities.

More news to come in the next few days.

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Tiso Sponsor Expedition Talk

Again I owe all of my supporters a vote of thanks. Following our highly successful talk in Melbourne last month which raised funds for both expedition debts and our fantastic charities, I am delighted to announce our event for the North East.

Tiso Newcastle have very kindly invited me to host a presentation evening on the 8th May 2012 including a Q&A on equipment. Tickets will be available in store prior to the event and I am looking forward to reliving the experience once more.

More details can be found here or by contacting Tiso Newcastle or myself on

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Antarctic Footage to be aired this evening

Hi everyone!

After a few weeks to recoup following the record breaking expedition, Bryony will be appearing on local news this evening for a live interview and to display some of the footage recorded on behalf of the BBC. Tune into BBC Look North tonight at 6:30 for the broadcast.

Bryony will also be having a short interview with BBC Radio Newcastle at drive time, so tune in, or listen on-line to catch that too!

Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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Public Presentation

Hi all,

Sorry for being a little quiet on the update front, I’ve been recovering from the trip in time-honoured Bryony fashion (sleeping and eating) but now I can give you something new to look forward to!

On the 21st March I will be giving my first public presentation at the Royal British Legion club in Melbourne, Derbyshire. This is my home town and I am also in the process of organising a similar event in the North East.

The evening features a bar, full expedition presentation, Q&A session and information on equipment from the trip. Tickets are available on the door for £5Adult and £3Student. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me on

In addition I am still interested in speaking opportunities with schools, scout groups or business following the successful presentations at Trent College (see a review here) and Q&A sessions with year 2 pupils at Alvaston Primary School.

I’ll aim to keep you up to date with post-expedition events and other exciting news so, once again, many thanks for your support.

Bryony x

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Great reviews

Hi all,

Apologies for being incommunicado so much, unfortunately my laptop didn’t survive the return trip from Chile so I have resorted to pretending to be a University Student again to gain computer access!

There have been some lovely write-ups about the expedition, in particular Frank Hughes’ in the Melbourne Village Voice (this month’s issue is here) based on almost two hours of my ramblings in our local coffee shop.

I was also warmly welcomed by the staff and students of Trent College, Nottinghamshire for a post-expedition talk last week. They were great supporters of the South Pole expedition and it was a pleasure to share my experiences with them.

In addition I am hosting another public presentation on my record-breaking achievement in Melbourne, Derbyshire on the 21st March. For more information please email

If you are a business, club, scout group, school or indeed, any other organisation and would be interested in my public-speaking, please don’t hesitate to be in touch as I would love to hear from you. It was a talk to my Scout group by the previous record-holder that inspired my own expedition so you never know who may break mine….

Best wishes to everyone,

Bryony x


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Safe and Sound

Hi everyone!

I must apologise for the delay in uploading photographs etc upon my return, I’ve had a few days being utterly spoilt and recovering at home (with lots of chocolate) whilst trying to mend our internet.

To make up for it we’ll try and upload photographs of the highlights from the trip, along with a description/explanation from me as well as adding more videos to the vimeo account, so keep checking back.

I’m very pleased to announce I am in one piece and feeling great, the worst after-effect of two months in Antarctica seems to be a set of quite stiff hands! I simply can’t thank Chris at Icke Fitness enough for all of his help in the training stages, I’m sure it was only his expert advice that has prevented me coming home a wreck (or having to abandon the expedition entirely).

The whole experience has been incredible, I’m afraid words cannot describe the beauty and hostility of the coldest, driest and highest continent on the planet. Fortunately the weather was incredibly kind to us and I enjoyed every day of the expedition. My thanks must go out to everyone who made this experience possible, from my major sponsors to individual donators.

Thank you all for following this amazing adventure and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. I’ll keep posting updates with new adventures as well as thoughts from this expedition (once my brain catches up with me from Antarctica!) and the charity donations page at Virgin Giving will stay live for the next 2 years to support my next fundraising efforts for Mountain Rescue and the Calvert Trust.

Many thanks for your support and interest,

Bryony x

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Many Happy Returns

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update with Bryony’s current position and the return journey. Having landed safely in Punta yesterday, Bryony wasn’t left a lot of time to get her things together. The delayed flight from the Union Glacier to Chile meant a nightmare with flight changes which has thankfully been resolved.

At this very moment, our Record Breaker will be on a series of planes bound for UK; due to arrive into Heathrow at around 7:10 (GMT) tomorrow!

Once again, thank you everyone for the support you have given Bryony.

I leave you with a comment from Bryony’s Facebook page:

“First shower in 2 months felt pretty good!”

(For possibly the last time) Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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