Too much of a good thing!

Hi everyone!

Wow, Bryony and the team are really taking this in their strides! Five days into the expedition and the team is already up to speed, managing a whopping 18km yesterday, with the only complaint being the temperature!

With external temperatures reaching an incredible 4°C above zero the group was forced to take more rest breaks due to overheating! The biggest issue in the Antarctic is trying to keep out the cold, but issues can also arise if any of the team get too hot. Being too hot causes sweating, which will conduct heat far better than air within the many layers of clothes, allowing heat to easily be leached from the body and cause hypothermia. During skiing the team have been removing their outermost layers to avoid such problems, putting them on when they stop to rest.

When asked how difficult it is to pull heavy pulks all day, Bryony answered, “You don’t notice it really. We have stops every hour and a half fora rest and food, and after that it’s just head down. It seems to fly by, just white, blue and sunny all the time!”

Lets hope the weather cools (only a little) and the team keep up the good progress so far!

Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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