Tired and too toasty

Hi everyone!

A very tired Bryony was able to contact me at 5:30PM (GMT) today with news of the day at the Pole.

Bryony, in a bid to enjoy the Amundsen-Scott Centre Research Station, had decided to stave off sleep! Lets hope she gets some descent sleep on the plane to Union Glacier! After the colossal push through the extremes of temperature, Bryony had some teething problems with the “internal climate” of the centre. A short time into a guided tour, Bryony had to take a breather – “it was so hot I felt light headed!” Only a polar explorer could feel the heat in a 15°C environment!

Bryony is expecting to reach the Union Glacier Base this evening, though no news yet as to when she will be arriving in Punta Arenas, so keep checking in to find out!

Hopefully we will have an update from Bryony herself within the next few days!

You can find the completed maps on the tracking page, and some fun statistics on the facts page of the website.

A huge thank you again from Bryony to everyone for the fantastic support!

Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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One Response to Tired and too toasty

  1. Dennis Woods says:

    Congratulations Bryony Bob and Lisa. A great achievement and one I wish I could have stayed and enjoyed with you. Sorry I missed your call today from the South Pole it would have been fun to have shared that moment. I have tried to call back a few times but I guess you are on route to Union.
    Best wishes for a safe return, I will look forward to catching up with the team and hearing how conditions changed after I left the expedition.

    Speak soon

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