The last Degree

Great news from the team to come up! But first…

100 Years ago today the ill-fated Terra Nova expedition, headed by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, reached the Geographical South pole. Here is the excerpt from Scott’s diary -

“January 17, 1912. Camp 69

The pole. Yes, but under very different circumstances from those expected. We have had a horrible day, add to our disappointment a headwind and a temperature of -22°, companions labouring on cold feet and hands. We started at 7:30, none of us having slept much after the shock of our discovery. We followed the Norwegian sledge tracks for some way. In about 3 miles we passed two small cairns. Great God! This is an awful place and terrible enough for us to have laboured to it without the reward of priority. Well it is something to have got here, and the wind may be our friends tomorrow. We have had a fat polar hoosh in spite of our chagrin and feel comfortable inside. Added a small stick of chocolate and the queer taste of a cigarette bought by Wilson. Now for the run home and a desperate struggle. I wonder if we can do it.”


As of the 16th, Bryony and the team had only 91km remaining to ski. They believe this can be done in four days, which seems manageable, with the average distance skied per day being 23.35km (including rest days)! The team has an estimated time of arrival of 23:00 hours on the 20th of January.

Upon her arrival, Bryony will become the youngest Britain to Ski from the Hercules Inlet to the Geographic South Pole, skiing a total of 1135km (705miles) and ascending 2076m (8878ft); and taking a meagre 57 days to complete it! Of course, Bryony and the team haven’t made it yet, we all need to show our greatest support and wish the team all the best for this final push to the Pole!

Passing 89° yesterday was a big milestone for the team, as Bryony mentions in her audio update (at the Polar Explorers blog). When discussing the proximity to the Pole, Bob made the remark, “the thinnest veneer of civilisation awaits us”!

Conditions are fair and the team see little obstruction on the final push (bar the usual troublesome sastrugi).

As normal with an update you can find new maps on the tracking page!

Keep up the support!

Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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2 Responses to The last Degree

  1. Valerie Hunter says:

    Hi again Bryony, I thought about you and Scott as I hiked over the South Downs yesterday as a kind of celebration trek. No comparison I know but my mind was full of admiration for both achievements. Mud can be as sticky as snow!! I expect you will be full of mixed emotions right now as you make the final push to the South Pole to become a record breaker. Enjoy every second of the experience whilst also looking forward to going home and eating normal food. My very best wishes to you and the team. Valerie

  2. Mike lowe says:

    All the best Bryony, and Good Luck with your final leg.
    From all at Tiso Newcastle

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