Surprise and Supplies!

Some difficulty with the solar phone charger has meant Bryony has been out of contact for a few days, but everything is back online at present due to a spare battery being shared with Dennis!

Firstly, I would like to announce that maps of the teams current position can be found on the new “Tracking” page of the of the website!

The expedition is running a lot smoother now, thanks to a big surprise a few days ago. On the 16th, the team were astounded to find a plane fly overhead, with one of the guides thinking the resulting snow flurry was an avalanche into a crevasse! This flight, bound for the team’s final re-supply near the pole, had on-board a number of useful pieces of equipment, the most important of which was a pair of boots for Bryony.

The boots, which are designed to keep the wearer comfortable at temperatures as low as -100°C, but have caused some issues with friction in Bryony’s other foot layers – namely socks. Two pairs of heavy duty, polar socks were worn through last week and the boots inner has been falling apart, risking damage to Bryony’s feet; not ideal with a further 650km to ski!

This made the new boots all the more welcome! Also included in the drop was a Birthday cake! Bryony will be turning 21 on the 21st of December; I’m sure we all wish her a Happy Birthday, but if you would like to send your own message leave a reply and your name and I will send the messages on. Alternatively, go to the southpoleadventure facebook group and send the message directly!

With the cold still clinging on, and the team wearing out with the extra weight, it has been decided that trekking will stop at 8pm every evening; though the team are still pushing to make 25km per day.

Bryony send a big thank you to everyone for the support!


What is it like trying to sleep with 24 hour daylight?

Bryony – “Trust me, after trekking 24km in a whiteout, I can sleep anywhere!”


Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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2 Responses to Surprise and Supplies!

  1. Malcolm Balen says:

    Happy 21st birthday Bryony – have a good time but don’t drink and ski! love from Malcolm, Karen, Mischa & Katya

  2. Valerie Hunter says:

    Hi Bryony,
    Hearty Congratulations on your 21st.What an amazing way to celebrate. Well done.
    I am following your progress with avid interest and wish you well for the remaining
    days to the South Pole.

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