Supporting the Expedition

New site features have finally gone live:


Supporting the expedition:-

Now you can support the expedition by donating money securely online via PayPal.

Any funds raised above and beyond the expedition cost will be donated to the charities voted for by visitors to this website (see here for more information) so any support, however large or small would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like more information on donations or sponsorship please feel free to contact me on

Keeping up to date:-

Not only does this website feature the latest news, training information and photographs, SouthPoleAdventure and Bryony Balen also use social media:

Twitter:   iseepenguins

Facebook: South Pole Adventure 2011       

Spreading the word:-

We have now passed 1,100 unique visitors to the website and this number is growing everyday, I am absolutely overwhelmed at the level of encouragement yet I must ask for your continued support in the months to the start of the expedition. Messages of support, talking about the expedition and the causes I hope to support as well as following the progress online really keeps a positive attitude around the expedition and acts as a great motivator. Many thanks for all the help, kind words and comments.

Bryony Balen x

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