As a geography student approaching my third year, the opportunity to write a dissertation involving the upcoming expedition to the South Pole was a fantastic opportunity. As such I am planning, conditions and safety permitting, to collect data on the near-surface snow-pack characteristics along the expedition route.

This has only been made possible by Ernie Carey of MCC Sensors Ltd (County Durham) and his team who custom designed and built temperature probes that could accurately operate down to -40C (and were sufficiently ‘Bryony-proof’ to survive 2 months use). Just as crucially, they included the instruction manual and plenty of spares in anticipation of extreme fatigue and unpleasant conditions making data collection difficult.

The aim is to use the sensors to measure temperatures at 200cm and 10cm above the snow surface, and up to 50cm below the surface. Combining this data with altitude, distances to the coast and weather observations will hopefully form the basis of my dissertation for Newcastle University.

My thanks go out to everyone at MCC Sensors Ltd for their support in this expedition and the hard work and ingenuity put into developing the sensors.

Bryony x

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  1. Ernie Carey says:

    Hi Bryony, thanks for the plug!! Hope everything’s going well. While you’re away, can you please ask my son to keep practicing his fudge making :-) .

    Good Luck & Keep Safe

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