Many Happy Returns

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update with Bryony’s current position and the return journey. Having landed safely in Punta yesterday, Bryony wasn’t left a lot of time to get her things together. The delayed flight from the Union Glacier to Chile meant a nightmare with flight changes which has thankfully been resolved.

At this very moment, our Record Breaker will be on a series of planes bound for UK; due to arrive into Heathrow at around 7:10 (GMT) tomorrow!

Once again, thank you everyone for the support you have given Bryony.

I leave you with a comment from Bryony’s Facebook page:

“First shower in 2 months felt pretty good!”

(For possibly the last time) Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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One Response to Many Happy Returns

  1. Valerie Hunter says:

    Hi Bryony, two years ago I was flying in the opposite direction to start my amazing Antarctica experience! Quite different to yours, of coarse, but I have so enjoyed following your progress and sharing your adventures and wonderful achievement of becoming a Record Breaker. I hope that you have a relaxing flight home. I expect it will take a while to adjust back to the UK and civilisation and perhaps like me a little bit of yourself will remain on the Great White Continent for a time. Congratulations again and many thanks to Robert for the updates. Valerie

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