Happy New Year from BB!

Hi everyone!

Coming up on the start of 2012, Bryony and the team are well on the way to the pole, passing 86° South this morning!

Every time the team pass a whole degree, it is a milestone. The expedition began at 80° South, so every degree is another tenth of the way there, about 110km! In Bryony’s most recent audio updates, she discusses what motivates the team while they’re out there.

Motivation comes through a number of avenues, and on different scales. On a daily basis, the thought of camp in the evening, or even just making it to the next rest stop every hour helps the team keep going. But on the grander scale, there are personal things spurring the team members on. For Bryony, this comes in the form of beating the record, proving a point to her and the world that she can do it!

But just as importantly to her, is the fundraising. The two charities, the Calvert Trust and Mountain Rescue – England and Wales were chosen by Bryony as they are important in enabling everyone to have access to the outdoors and education, safely. When we tell Bryony how the fundraising is going, it’s great to hear her excitement, and how it’s motivating her towards the pole.

The total money raised so far is £546, which is fantastic! A great big thank you from Bryony! But can we help more? I’d like to invite all of you to listen to Bryony’s most recent audio update (found at the Polar Explorers blog of the expedition – http://fullsouthpoleski2012.blogspot.com/)

It would be great if we could all make a donation to these great causes, so as the new year comes around we can let her know how well the fundraising is going! To make a donation or to find more information, head to the charities page of the website

I’d like to finish with a text message I received from Bryony today –

“All well, will hit 86° today. Lovely weather. Feet are a mess. Happy New Year to all, I think I have some Baileys left!”

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