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Hello everyone, just a short introduction –  my name is Robert Carey and I am going to be updating the website as well as other social media while Bryony heads out to claim the British Record. I am a physical geography graduate from Newcastle University, and passionate about the environment and the outdoors. Having followed Bryony’s inspirational story through the planning stages it’s fantastic to see the final preparations falling into place and it is a pleasure to update you with the goings on of the expedition from this point forth.

Numerous times a week, Bryony will contact the UK with an update on position and status of the expedition, which will then be posted here. By following Bryony’s twitter, and the South Pole Adventure Facebook group, you can expect updates on conditions on the ice and other news on a daily basis.

The team have now all arrived at Punta Arenas, and are busy decanting kit and preparing food rations, some of which will be used for resupplies “on the ice”. Due to adverse weather conditions over the past 2 weeks, flights to the Union Glacier have been cancelled/delayed. However Bryony can expect only short delays as the outlook for the next week is good.

Find out more information about the charities that Bryony is supporting by looking at the updated Charity page of the website.

Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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