Awaiting the news

Hi everyone!

It’s very tense now. Following contact in the early hours of the morning it was clear that the team are powering over the polar plateau to the finish! Bryony and the team managed a colossal 33.8km yesterday over 14 hours. They did not stop until midnight to get the camp within one days skiing distance of the Pole.

With 33.2km left to reach 90° South, it is still going to be a long day for Bryony and the team. The biggest issue being faced (apart from the copious amounts of skiing) is the time difference of the Amundsen-Scott Research Station, and Chile time, which the team have used. The Base works in New Zealand time which  is +13 hours to GMT (incl. Daylight Saving Time). This means that when the team arrive at the Station in the very early hours of the morning for them (2AM), it will be the evening (6PM)! To compensate the team set “allowed” themselves a sleep-in, and set off to the pole a few hours later than usual!

So, in a matter of hours, expect a message stating the good news that Bryony Balen has successfully made it to the Pole and become a RECORD BREAKER

We are hoping to make contact with Bryony from all angles tomorrow! Expect to hear her on BBC radio Derby and Newcastle, BBC Look North and BBC East Midlands, Capital FM, and in the Derby Telegraph on Saturday!

You can see the map showing the now almost complete route on the tracking page. And lets not forget that Bryony is trying to raise money for Mountain Rescue England and Wales, and the Calvert Trust; so don’t forget to support the expedition and donate to the charities via the charities page! Thank you for your donations!

A big thank you to all the encouragement and support shown so far!

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  1. Valerie Hunter says:

    Congratulations Bryony and the team. What an achievement, what an adventure, what an amazing experience you have had. It’s been great to share it with you. Enjoy your time at the Pole and savour the moment. I’ll look on the web cam to try and see you!! How relieved and elated and tired you must be. Have a safe flight home and a well deserved rest. Again, many congratulations. Valerie

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