And they’re off!

After a final breakfast at the base, Bryony and the team headed out yesterday morning to the Hercules Inlet half a day ahead of schedule. Speaking to Bryony last night it seems the team is happy with the first day’s progress, which included 13km of skiing with the full pulks, and skirting around numerous crevasses.

Once again, a big hello from Bryony to everyone who’s keeping up to date, if you wish to send your support, please visit the Facebook group and they will be forwarded.

Settling down for her evening meal, Bryony mentions how difficult it has been pulling the sleds. “Well, it’s easier than the tyres!” As many of you already know, when training, our intrepid explorer pulled tyres to replicate the drag of the pulks. It seems that snow and ice are far more forgiving than the friction of the Newcastle and Derbyshire pavements!

Great news! The team has made it below -80° Latitude, only 10° left to go! Follow the link to find Bryony’s most recent position.

Daily expedition tracking soon to come!

Robert, on behalf of Bryony

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