An achievement worth commending!

Hi Everyone!

News! Some of you may have heard the news that Bryony and the team will not make it to the Pole by the 17th. I would like to fill everyone in on the position of the expedition and then explain how this ties in with the grand scheme of things.

In under two weeks, Bryony Balen will become the youngest Britain to Ski to the South Pole from the Hercules Inlet, over a total of 1200km, and an incline of 3000m. This achievement will in itself be incredible, but it is made all the more inspiring by the challenge of the conditions under which the expedition is subjected.

The team itself is made up of adventurers of different backgrounds and a varied level of experience. On this sort of expedition (setting off from the Hercules inlet), teams would usually ski the distance over a total of 60 days; while carrying supplies for 70! In stark contrast, we have Bryony’s expedition.

A total of 43 days skiing so far, with only 315km remaining, with the burden of illness and the loss of team member, the team are still able to reach the pole in 9-10 days. This is a monumental feat, since the team have slashed the time usually allocated in the hope of reaching the pole by the 17th. As it is the team is a mere 48 hours behind schedule, commendable, whichever way you look at it! The team were even dropped of 10km from the start point (at the Patriot Hills)!

The team still faces a difficult week ahead. They plan to hit the resupply tomorrow (about midday), where they can then rest and repack the sleds. One of the issues at the previous resupply was the addition of Ronnie’s food. Fortunately, the flight company operating the supplies, ALE, was able to remove them; meaning less weight for the team. This is only a small comfort however. The team still have another 700m to climb over the next few days, before a slight downhill of 100m to the pole. So, with full pulks, the journey won’t be easy!
There has also been the news of more sastrugi. It quickly become arduous to ski through 30cm high banks of snow every few metres I assure you!

As every, if anyone would like to know any more about the expedition, or has any questions for Bryony, please let me know!

New maps are on line on the tracking page of the website!

Thanks to everyone for the continued support, Bryony is looking forward to seeing everyone when she returns!

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2 Responses to An achievement worth commending!

  1. Bryony, wishing you all the best for the final stages of your expedition. Reaching the South Pole will be a terrific accomplishment and no doubt a welcome relief!

    - All of the Polar Vision team

  2. Valerie Hunter says:

    Hi Bryony, you are doing great. Keep it up and enjoy the last few days of what must be an incredible experience. Listening to your audio reports brings total admiration to your achievements. Well done, I am so excited for you. Valerie, Worthing.

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