The culinary ‘delights’ of Antarctica

Hi everyone!

Our intrepid adventurer has made it a quarter of the way to the pole! Just in time for the first resupply tomorrow, where the team are giving themselves half a day to unload and repack the sleds with the new supplies (unfortunately making weight a little heavier for the following week).

Looking at the figures, Bryony and the team now need to trek 25.35km a day on average to make it to the pole for the 17th of January (including the remaining 2 rest days). At present it is taking between 10.5 – 11 hours to make that distance, which they want to whittle down by shortening breaks and starting earlier. The recent cold contracted by the whole team is not helping this push for distance, with the team skiing for just over 11 hours yesterday.

The cold has also had an impact on the loo role rations, with everyone allowing themselves only 1 role per week! That’s not much for a team of 5 runny noses!

The team has been joking about the environment they are in, an area with no way-points on the horizon, saying “we could pick up and move the camp 20km and it would look the same as if we moved it 20m!” They mentioned being tricked by some mountainous cloud formations, giving the illusion of something (or indeed anything) on the horizon!

When asking Bryony how the food is faring, Bryony had a lot to say –

“It’s pretty much destroyed my taste buds, in that I don’t know what tastes nice anymore! Although, I can’t wait for steak in the resupply tomorrow, smothered in parmesan cheese and butter with pemmican, all in a wrap.”

I got the impression after mentioning it, that food is what is being missed the most down in Antarctica (definitely shouldn’t have mentioned Sunday lunch!), with Bryony fantasizing for half an hour about the number of the hotel room service in Punta Arenas, in order to ring for a glass of lemonade after finishing!

The evening meal menu is as follows

  • Sweet and sour pork (“700cal before ‘additions’ “)
  • Turkey tetrazzini
  • Chilli mac ‘n’ cheese
  • Mexican style chicken and rice (“Don’t like kidney beans”)
  • Chicken and rice
  • Beef stew (“just tastes like potatoes”)
  • Lasagne (“cover with cheese and it tastes okay”)

“…and I’m down do my last 100g of chocolate raisins!”

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